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2017 Active Christians Today Fall Getaway Report

ACT BG & UT traveled to Ann Arbor, Detroit and Dearborn to answer the question "Who is My Neighbor?" We reached out to the homeless in Ann Arbor, we worked with Central Detroit Christian Community Development and learned about work in Dearborn. It was an amazing weekend filled with prayer, fellowship, service and testimony!

Free Dinner and Bible Study Wednesday Nights

Wednesday nights are busy at the ACT House (2018 Bretton Place Toledo 43606)! We begin with our Free Family Dinner at 5:30 PM. If class or your job is off later, no worries! We'll save some for you!

We prepare a special and sometimes unique meal each Wednesday. We serve everything from the typical (pizza, tacos) to the off-beat (breakfast for dinner, cereal). We will also grill out when possible including everything from pork chops to hot dogs and burgers!

Bible Study begins at 7:00 PM. Are you hungry to grow in your faith? We're the place to be on Wednesday nights! We dive in deep to Scripture to discover what God has to say to us. 

Come join us!


2017 God Dogs & Jesus Burgers

Despite the scattered showers, we had a wonderful evening filled with blessed encounters, uplifting conversation, joyful fellowship and a lot of hot dogs and hamburgers! Thank you to everyone who gave of their time and volunteered to help out for this fantastic outreach to the BG student community! 

2017 UT Scavenger Hunt

April Fool's Day was a great day at ACT UT! We held a special Scavenger Hunt planned by our ACT ladies for the ACT men. Our men were sent out across the city of Toledo following clues to see if they could complete the hunt created by our ladies.

Our groups challenged each other for the most number of "found locations" before returning to the ACT UT Campus House. Once the hunt was over, the ladies planned a wonderful pork chop dinner for everyone back at the ACT UT Campus House!

Why did the ladies planned the Scavenger Hunt for the men? This was the result of the Haiti Coin Wars challenge. The losers (the ladies) had to create a scavenger hunt for the winners. This is pay off day!

It was a great day and great fun and we want to do it again! Thank you to our ladies for a wonderful pay off for a great cause! 

To see what it was like, check out the video and subscribe to ACT on youtube:

ACT 2017 Green Pancake Giveaway

Saint Patrick's Day is one of the biggest bar and party nights at Bowling Green State University. On March 17, 2017 ACT UT and ACT BG joined forces to pass out green pancakes to the thousands of students pass by the front of the ACT BG Campus House on Wooster Street in Bowling Green. Jesus calls us to be servants and one of the ways we can show His love for all is through giving. No judging, no condemnation... just the opportunity to touch lives and plant seeds for the Kingdom. It was a joy to serve others on a snowy and eventful night. It was a great evening to be servants of Christ. 

2017 Active Christians Today Winter Retreat

Our Active Christians Today 2017 Winter Retreat was a great experience. A warm February weekend in the Pokagon region of Indiana brought together students from the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, Ohio University and Ohio State University. We enjoyed a great keynote speaker, fantastic workshops, inspirational worship and fellowship together as we found out what it means to "PLAY!"

2017 ACT Winter Weekend

There is always something happening at ACT! A great example was our Game Night, Indoor Snowball Fight and then a great night to worship together with Active Christians Today Bowling Green. Our doors are open! Come and join us as we follow Jesus in discipleship, community and joy!

Gingerbread House Building Contest

It was a night of fun and laughter! On January 20, 2017 we held our "Gingerbread Building Contest" at the ACT UT Estate.

Teams and individuals challenged to make the best gingerbread creation! We used graham crackers instead of gingerbread for the structure. We had many contributions for the decorations. The structures were created on a plywood base that was wrapped in parchment paper.

All building materials were provided in the kitchen. Most of the first half hour (and for some a little more) was spent building the structures using royal icing and the crackers. Everyone then turned to using the elements provided to decorate their structures.

The results ranged from the University of Toledo's University Hall to campsites, houses, a food booth and a special treat dedicated to the Cleveland Browns... There was a LOT of laughter throughout the evening!

Enjoy a video report of our Gingerbread Building Contest!