This is our monthly "Praises and Prayers" update page. You may subscribe to our ACT Inc Praises and Prayers email list by contacting us. Also, please feel free to join us for our weekly "Prayer Walk" around campus during the Fall and Spring semesters when the University of Toledo is in session.

December 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

Praise God for a great time to celebrate another year of ministry with Active Christians Today at our Annual Celebration. We had a great turn out for the event at Christ’s Church Bowling Green. There were lots of great testimonies from our students and leaders as they shared about our ministry. Next up: our 45th Annual Celebration in 2018!

Praise God for continuing growth among our students in leadership and discipleship. We have elected a great new leadership team for the coming year. We can’t wait to see what God will do!

Praise God for our worship team helping out twice a month at Delta Church of Christ! They are doing an amazing job.

Praise God for a packed campus house as we celebrated an early Thanksgiving Dinner on November 13! The house was full of comfort and joy (and lots and lots of people!) as we shared in traditional Thanksgiving food, watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (on tape delay from last year) and then everyone joined in sharing their blessings. Amazing time! Praise God again!

Praise God for a great Tailgate Party as we joined the BG crew for the annual UT BG football game. We had a great time (even if Toledo lost the game).

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Our ACT UT students have elected new officers. Please pray that God works through our new leadership team as we find new ways to reach the campus community at the University of Toledo.

Pray that in the midst of the holiday season that God doesn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of this time of year. Pray that our student’s eyes are open to what God has to say through the birth of Christ and the impact the Child had on humanity!

We can't say enough thank you's to all of our individuals, organizations and churches who support the ministry of Active Christians Today. Your support through prayer and financial gifts makes all the difference as we reach out to the mission field on our campuses! 

November 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

Praise God for a strong and growing group of students who are taking on leadership roles, bringing friends and reaching out to the campus community.

Praise God for a wonderful visit with our supporters at First Christian Church Sandusky. We enjoyed a great worship service and fellowship and the chance to talk about the ministry work of Active Christians Today.

Praise God for another wonderful visit to worship with the folks at Christ’s Church in Tiffin. We had a great group of students from both the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University. Both campus ministers spoke at the service. The church provided a great lunch and fantastic fellowship. We will return soon!

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Our ACT UT students are preparing to elect new officers. Please pray that God works through the selection process as we pray for our new leadership team.

The Christmas season approaches quickly. Pray that God uses this season to touch many students with the love that was brought to earth in the birth of our Savior!

Pray for the new friends we have made during our church visits over the last several months. God has blessed us with a growing family of churches who support the ministry of ACT.

As always, we truly appreciate the love and support we receive from so many. Your prayers and financial gifts allow us to touch the lives of so many in the campus community.

October 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

Praise God for our first full month of campus ministry this fall! It has been a powerful time of service.

Our students served with Global Connections and Wes Blood helping to provide furniture for international student houseing and transportation of that furniture to their apartments.

A special weekend trip to Ann Arbor, Dearborn and Detroit gave the group a great opportunity for hands on service in downtrodden areas and to learn about ministries with hard-to-reach populations.

Praise God for the opportunity to spend time learning about other cultures and religions at the annual International Festival in Perrysburg.

Praise God for a new garage door at the ACT UT Campus House (thanks to the work of Darren Stalhood and his father). 

Praise God for growing a great men’s and women’s ministry at ACT UT! We have a great group of students participating in small group ministry.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray that God continues to bless us in the growth of discipleship we have already seen among our students.

Pray that God opens our eyes to even more opportunities to reach our campus with the love of Christ.

Pray that God supplies new leaders who will take over as our veterans prepare to graduate next spring and as we get set to elect new leaders this fall.

Thank you to our ACT supporters for your continued prayers and financial gifts which is what makes our ministry possible. We are very blessed!

September 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

We praise God for a wonderful conclusion to our summer activities. It has been a summer of visiting supporters of Active Christians Today, families of students, churches, individuals and more. We thank God for the number of people we have met and been able to thank personally for their support of ACT.

We closed out our summer Friday nights “In the Woods with Jesus” with a powerful night of prayer and devotion for our final Friday. Praise God for all of those who participated over the summer in so many ways!

Praise God for the return of students and the ministry opportunities we know will be presented to us over the coming school year.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

The University of Toledo has begun the new school year for 2017-2018! We pray for discernment as we seek to find the best avenues to reach students this year.

Please pray for the new students we have already met and that they would find a “home away from home” and family with Active Christians Today.

Pray for opportunities to meet those who have never heard the message of salvation. Already we have seen several situations where we have been able to share the Gospel. We ask that God continues to open those doors to us and reveals where we may step in to share.

We thank God for those who pray along with us and give to the ministry of ACT both through prayer support, volunteering and financial gifts. Thank you for your continued blessing upon the ministry of Active Christians Today.

August 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

Praise God for helping us make connections with supporters, students, families of students and so many more during the month of July.

We traveled all over the state each weekend to places like Strongsville, Delta Church of Christ and Edon Church of Christ as we said thank you and shared with those who are tremendous supporters of our ACT ministries at the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University.

We praise God for the great turn out we have each Friday night at our “In the Woods with Jesus” gatherings. We have met so many new students and welcomed back alumni and staff in these informal but fun gatherings.

Praise God for our campus pastor’s continued “miracle” recovery after thumb surgery in June. He has a clean bill of health and has already returned to playing the piano. This is a huge praise (and relief) for us all!!!

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

School begins soon! However, we do ask prayers for the compressed amount of time we will have to work with students. Semesters have changed from 16 weeks to 15 weeks leading to less time for ministry. One week may not seem like a lot, but it does make a difference both in schooling and in ministry. Pray that our students adapt to this change and that we can utilize the time we have most wisely to meet the spiritual needs of our students!

Our leaders are finalizing details for our welcome week events. We are also doing a lot more social media advertising in regions where the University of Toledo generally receives the majority of students. Pray that we are able to reach students who are seeking a group who actively shares the Gospel, disciples and grows leaders on the university campus!

We always pray for those who support our ministry through prayer. We are blessed with a huge group of supporters who always find ways to touch us with their generosity and who truly love the ministry of ACT. THANK YOU!

July 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

Summer has been busy already and we have barely gotten started! Friday’s in the woods, a mission trip and a successful surgery are just a few of the highlights.

We praise God for great weather each Friday night as the ACT BG and UT groups join together for “In the Woods with Jesus.” This has become a summer tradition as we meet together at the Weaver Ranch for a cookout, volleyball, singing around the campfire and a devotion.

Praise God for an amazing mission work trip just completed in West Virginia. Over one hundred students gathered at Parchment Valley Conference Center in Ripley for “Brothers’ Keeper.” The weather was amazing, hearts were touched and lives were changed! Dozens of projects were completed helping so many who were truly in need. Thank you for your prayers and support in this effort!

Our campus pastor, Scott Weaver underwent a surgical procedure to repair his left thumb in June. Praise the Lord that he is recovering well and has continued his regular activities - one handed for the time being!

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Many of our students are involved in mission work in different locations both in the country and around the world this summer. We continue to pray for student safety and that God opens up opportunities to touch others with Christ’s love.

Pray for our campus pastor as he continues to recover from a surgical procedure to repair his left thumb. He is hoping to play piano again by this Fall!

Pray for the students we have yet to meet! New students are already touring campus, learning about opportunities and figuring out what groups they wish to join. We want to be on their list and we are praying that God would use us to reach them!

Pray for the student leaders who are right now planning ways we can reach out to the new students as they get engaged with activities this Fall. 

Our supporters make all the difference in what we do. Your prayers and financial gifts make it possible to reach the world through Active Christians Today year round. Blessings to you and THANK YOU!

June 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

Thank you for summer! Thank you for the opportunity to breath in God’s goodness, recharge, refresh and refocus for the next school year.

We praise God for our ACT UT Student Leadership Team that is hard at work preparing for Fall Semester. Yes, even this early we are making plans and developing creative opportunities to touch the campus community with the love of God.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

We pray for our students as they have left the “confines” of the campus community and are now out “in the world” wherever that may be.

Pray for several of our students who are “on mission” this summer in different locations both stateside and around the world. Pray that they reach and touch lives with the love of Christ.

Pray for work to be done on the ACT UT campus house. Each summer is a great time to make upgrades and improve our ministry facility.

Pray for our new students who have yet to walk onto campus. We know that God knows who they are. Open up their hearts and prepare them for what will be a truly awesome year.

We pray for our supporters who make all the difference in the ministry of Active Christians Today at the University of Toledo. We pray that the sacrifice they make through prayer and their financial gifts results in the blessings of God raining down on us! Thank you!

May 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

We have so much to be thankful for!

We had a wonderful time gathering with our sister campus ACT BG to see the movie “The Case for Christ” at the beginning of April and book ended that with God Dogs and Jesus Burgers at the end of the month.

We praise God for His challenging Word and what He taught us through our study of the Gospel of Mark.

We thank God for a movie like “The Case for Christ” that we used as an opportunity for teaching on apologetics and building a solid and sound foundation for evangelism and outreach to a skeptical world!

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray for the seeds that were planted through the ACT BG God Dogs and Jesus Burgers night and our ACT UT Doughnut Giveaway. So many students were touched through the outreach and great conversations took place. Pray that those seeds are watered and grow...

Pray for our students who now have a deeper understanding of faith and the basis for understanding Scripture through our “The Case for Christ” series. Pray that opportunities are opened up for hearts to be touched with the testimony and outreach of our students this summer.

Pray for our leadership team as they plan our fall events with a focus on outreach, prayer and evangelism.

As always, thank you to our ACT alumni, churches and supporters who allow us to reach the mission field known as the campus of the University of Toledo. You make what we do possible!