This is our monthly "Praises and Prayers" update page. You may subscribe to our ACT Inc Praises and Prayers email list by contacting us. Also, please feel free to join us for our weekly "Prayer Walk" around campus during the Fall and Spring semesters when the University of Toledo is in session.

April 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

As the semester comes to a close, we thank God for all He has done through Active Christians Today at the University of Toledo this school year and the support we enjoy from churches and individuals across the state.

It is with joy that we welcome another guitar player and singer to our student praise team! We are especially excited as this year we have welcomed two freshman to our team which means we get to enjoy their God-given talents in the years to come.

We praise God for our students who traveled the world in mission and educational experiences during Spring Break. We have loved hearing the stories of God working in the lives of those who served and those they served while traveling both overseas and here in the States.

We praise God for the “Green Pancake Giveaway” on Saint Patrick’s Day. Serving God while serving others!

We thank God for our ACT men who meet Mondays to study God’s Word together. Our ACT Women meet on Thursday nights.

We praise God for our students who participated in the annual University of Toledo “Big Event” which reaches out to neighborhoods around the campus in service.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray for students looking for job placement opportunities, internships and mission experiences over the summer.

Pray for our students who are choosing to actively participate in our “The Case for Christ” series in the month of April learning how to respond when skeptics question our faith.

Pray for those completing our “Essential 100" daily Bible reading challenge. It is exciting to see what happens when students commit to reading the Bible every day.

Pray for our students as they enter the final weeks of the semester. Exams, job commitments and finding time for God in the midst of busy schedules is always a challenge.

Thank you to our ACT alumni, churches and supporters who allow us to reach the mission field known as the campus of the University of Toledo. You make what we do possible!

February 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

Though some of us do love snow, we appreciate the fact that we haven’t had to cancel or postpone events due to weather so far this semester! 

Praise God for the students who have taken up the challenge to read the Essential 100 Bible passages before the conclusion of the Spring Semester.

We praise God for our Student Leadership Team who continue to demonstrate leadership in all of our ministry efforts. 

We praise God for new faces among our students who have joined us for many of our January activities.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray our new outreach efforts to reach more students with the gospel. We have a great foundation here at ACT UT and we pray that God works through us to build on that foundation!

Continue to pray for those who are taking on the Essential 100 challenge! Reading the Bible daily is so important and is a great habit to develop - especially as a student.

Pray that the seeds that have been planted in so many of our new students begin to truly take root.

There is never a day that goes by that we do think of the many ACT alumni and supporters who make this ministry possible. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. You are changing the world in this mission field we call the University of Toledo!

March 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

We praise God that we have seen new faces every week and welcomed back a lot of students we have been missing for a while!

Praise God for a fantastic Football Sunday party with ACT BG! We had a great turn out for the Super Bowl where our students were able to hear the message of Christ presented through the testimonies of players playing in the game that night.

God blessed us with a wonderful Winter Retreat at Lake James Christian Camp in Indiana. The keynote speaker was inspiring, the workshops were amazing and the chance to fellowship with students from Ohio University, Ohio State and Bowling Green State University was tremendous!

We praise God that the weather has been beautiful and our events have been well-attended. This is not the winter we were expecting but we are very happy that no events have had to be delayed or postponed due to weather this semester.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray for many of our students who will be journeying overseas to do service and mission work over Spring Break. We are excited to hear of the challenges they face along with the victories in Christ they find along the way.

Many of our students will participate in the University of Toledo “Big Event” annual service project. This is an opportunity for ACT UT students to join so many others in giving back to the community.

Pray for those who have accepted the challenge to read the Bible daily. We are blessed with so many tools to accomplish daily reading but it isn’t always easy. Pray that the habit sticks even after the initial challenge is over!

Pray for so many of our students who struggle with time management. The habits of today build the habits of tomorrow! Pray that students are able to overcome these challenges and find time not only to accomplish what needs to be done in their student life, but also time to continue to build a strong relationship with God.

We have so many ACT alumni and supporters who support the mission of ACT through their time, prayers and financial gifts. Thank you so much for what you do!

January 2017 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

We praise God for all of the growth both spiritually and numerically we have seen during the Fall semester. God has built a wonderful foundation for the future.

We praise God for a wonderful, new group of leaders who have taken hold of our mission and vision! We are excited about our new Student Leadership Team (SLT) that move into leadership roles. We are especially excited to see new faces! Two of our first year students will serve on the SLT this Spring. 

We praise God for the continuing commitment to Scripture reading. January 1 began our new focus on the “Essential 100" daily reading plan. This plan is an achievable way to have a "through the Bible" experience.

Praise God for all of the positive interactions we had during the Active Christians Today Donut Giveaway at the UT Carlson Library during exam week. Two nights and dozens and dozens of donuts later... it was awesome!

Praise God for the results of our Sunday night Advent series. Some students had never participated in any kind of Advent observance. Our series “The Gifts of Christmas” brought the true Reason for the season into focus.

Praise God for the results of our “Coin War: Help Haiti” challenge. We raised over $200 to help with the cleanup of the destruction from Hurricane Matthew. 

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray for our new Student Leadership Team (SLT) as they begin their work. There is a tangible excitement among our SLT with all of the great things we have seen God do through our team during the Fall semester.

Pray for those who are taking on the Essential 100 challenge! Bible reading daily is not easy, especially with the school and job world taking up so much time.

Pray for those who are still deciding whether to take on the Essential 100 challenge. May God multiply their time and help them find ways to be able to accomplish all that they must do and still find time in the Word and in prayer.

Pray for our staff as they seek God’s leadership and discernment in God’s will for ACT UT through the Spring semester and beyond. God has built the foundation, now we ask for His help in determining the direction for the future! The University of Toledo has decided to move to a 15 week semester in the Fall. We ask God to work in us as we adapt to the new schedule!

As always, we covet the prayers and support of our ACT alumni and supporters. We continue to live out the mission and ACT through your continued prayers and financial support! THANK YOU!

December 2016 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

Many students have picked up the daily habit of reading the Bible. It is wonderful that we have tools to make this easier. It is wonderful that we can literally carry the Bible in our pockets via apps on our phones. The ACT UT Student Leadership Team invited students to join in daily reading and building accountability through sharing of progress. This has continued and expanded. On January 1, we will begin a special series of readings titled the “Essential 100” as a part of devotional plan.

Our semester-long study of Colossians will come to a conclusion in December. It has been fascinating to watch as so many have spent time studying God’s Word in an in-depth fashion!

Our Thursday night small group study continues to reach students who otherwise would not be able to attend our worship or Bible studies due to job and school conflicts. In January, this group will become our women’s study. This is entirely student-led!

Pray for our “Donut Giveaway” that will take place during the opening days of the University of Toledo exam week. This is a gift ACT gives our campus community and has led to some wonderful conversation and outreach. We ask for wisdom and guidance as we follow the Lord in service!

The campus house was ready for Christmas early as we began our Advent worship series titled “The Gifts of Christmas” all the way back on November 13 in order to complete it by the time the Fall semester ends.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

We have been blessed with many new students who have joined us and returned. We pray for the opportunities we have had to continue to grow and flourish.

Pray for those who have struggled to make daily Bible reading and prayer a part of their lives. It is easy to let those slip to the wayside with the constant pressures of jobs and school.

Our Student Leadership Team through our Missions leaders have made a special effort to focus on the destruction of Haiti as a result of Hurricane Matthew. We have been raising funds the last few months to help in the rebuilding efforts. Pray with us for Haiti and the work being done by so many missionaries to lead in reaching the island nation. 

We have felt the prayers of our ACT alumni and community. Thank you! Your prayers mean so much and we thank you again for your continued financial support.

November 2016 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

God is doing amazing things among our students!

Our Student Leadership Team has implemented a daily devotional and the majority of our students have chosen to participate. It allows for accountability among the students and the sharing of progress. We praise God to see students excited about reading the Word, praying and growing spiritually. 

Our Wednesday night Bible Study through Colossians has had great participation and discussion. It has led to extended discussions of God’s Word through the week (and isn’t that the goal?).

Again this year, our students lead in a Prayer Walk each Thursday night. The students meet in the UT Student Union at 5:03 PM and walk the campus praying for students, teachers, professors and administrators of our university. 

Our students have begun a new Small Group study each Thursday night with the focus on discerning God’s will. 

The ACT UT Campus House is looking great! God has blessed us with many volunteers who have supplied their time and talent making so many changes and upgrades!

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray for our students who have continued to reach out to their friends and the UT community for Christ.

Pray for the students who have truly taken on the challenge to spend daily time in the Word and in prayer. This is always a challenge but the time is perfect to develop habits for life!

Pray for our monthly church visits. We have met so many wonderful supporters of our ministry and we appreciate the continued relationships among churches and individuals. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to support ACT through prayers and financial support. It is appreciated more than you know!

October 2016 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

We have much to praise God for at Active Christians Today UT. 

We have many new students who have already made an impact on our ministry. One of our new worship leaders is a freshman guitarist who immediately took a leadership role. She has led us in joyful worship and has been a welcome addition to our Sunday nights!

Many of our freshman have contributed to our Wednesday night Bible Study and have been active participants in our small groups. 

This month we have had several prayer events. Toledo Campus Prays was attended by over 70 students and leaders from over a dozen campus ministries at UT. The evening was entirely focused on prayer and there is excitement about continuing this as an annual event.

Another exciting addition has been our work with other ministries. We have attended a monthly prayer night with H2O Church. Those nights are organized and focused evening to pray for different groups around the world.

Toledo Campus Ministry continues to maintain the trail behind the ACT UT Campus House. We appreciate so much their efforts to keep the trail open and available for those making their way from campus down the hill to our home!

Big thanks go to our students who have truly taken up the leadership mantle and reached out to so many new students. None of this would have happened without God working through our students. It is truly amazing to participate in the growth and leadership of so many!

Our Fall Retreat was held in the middle of September. We experienced some of the heaviest rain we have had around here and yet it didn’t dampen our experience. Our theme was “Fruitful” and we focused on how we in our lives through Christ produce “fruit.” A quiet time at Oak Openings in the pouring rain was a highlight!

We thank God for the supporters of ACT who through their prayers and financial support make all of this possible.

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

With all of our new students, we work constantly to find ways to get them plugged in to leadership roles with ACT UT. We have been blessed with a great group and we want to make sure they are where God has called them to be!

Pray for the continued work on the ACT UT House as we have continued to make many changes and upgrades to our facility!

Pray for our student outreach team who continue to come up with new and creative ways to reach out to the university community!

September 2016 - Praises & Prayer Requests

Praises at ACT UT

As always, we thank God for the decades of work Active Christians Today has completed in campus ministry. Every day we meet people who have been touched by the ministry of ACT in one way or another. The continuing ministry is constructed on a foundation built by so many and we are blessed to be a part.

And the ministry continues... we praise God for a big group who joined us at the ACT UT House for our Welcome Picnic. Originally scheduled to be held on campus, a rain storm forced us to move back to the campus house which was a blessing in disguise. Our current ACT students were able to spend more personal time communicating the mission and vision of ACT in a comfortable environment.

A huge praise for our Rocket Launch volunteers who spent the summer spreading the word about ACT through the mandatory orientation program for new students. More than 60 students expressed interest in ACT. Our Student Leadership Team did all the work. They staffed our table, they personally contacted each and every student and then walked many of them to the ACT House for our Welcome Picnic when we had to change location.

We praise God for our first worship service which was literally overflowing with students. On a night when we didn’t even have all of our regulars back, we realized we quickly must come up with a new set up for worship location! Praise God!

We praise God for a campus movement gathering students from more than a dozen Christian student campus ministries for a one night prayer event in September called “Toledo Campus Prays.”

As always, a huge praise to our ACT Board and supporters who help make all of this possible. It has been an awesome time and we have been excited to welcome board members to many of our events this summer and already to our weekend events at the ACT House!

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

We pray for ACT’s continuous growth and ministry to so many new students. We recognize that it is only by God’s grace that the amazing things we have already seen are possible.

We pray for a very practical need: our basement at the ACT UT House is in the process of being converted to our worship center. We need to complete this quickly as we have already outgrown our regular worship room upstairs. Walls have been torn down, old flooring removed, furniture given away, trash removed and we are now in the final stages of making it “worship ready.” We have already created a “war room” under the stairs specifically devoted to prayer. Pray that this all can be completed in a short time so that we are the best stewards we can be of all God has given us!

Please pray for our Fall Retreat this September as we gather ACT UT and BG students together for a weekend of bonding in the Word, bonding with each other and bonding with God!

Our Student Prayer Team is preparing a variety of events focused on prayer this year. Our Prayer Walk will return and the “war room” was created with the specific intent of involving more students in a deeper prayer life.

Pray for our Fall Semester schedule. Our Student Outreach Team has created a lot of fun events designed to build bridges and develop relationships with new students. These are great evangelistic opportunities and we can’t wait to see what God will do!

We covet your prayers!