Our monthly ACT UT News Nuggets are a report of our recent activities, news from the ACT UT Campus Ministry and upcoming events. 

These monthly reports are emailed to our ACT Alumni and supporters through ACT Inc (combining reports from both campuses). This allows us to keep in contact with those who support ACT UT and provide communication with are far-flung alumni across the world!

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December 2017 - News Nuggets

Our study of Psalms concluded and we have moved to a topical study on “The Hope of Scrooge” on Wednesday nights in November and December. The study investigates the Christian themes found in the Dickens’ classic tale “A Christmas Carol” and the story of redemption.

Our Sunday Night Worship Encounter is focused on the Christmas Season with a series titled “The Star.” Each Sunday we are looking at the traditional Advent Sundays of Hope, Love, Joy, Peace and finally the Child. Each week we light another candle on the Advent wreath and turn our hearts toward Christmas! 

Active Christians Today was treated to a full Thanksgiving Dinner followed by the singing of traditional Thanksgiving Carols and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! Following our Thanksgiving celebration, students added their hand prints to our ACT wall and then we pulled out the Christmas trees to decorate for the season. The house was full of comfort and joy (and lots and lots of people!)!

Our worship team has done an amazing job on Sunday nights with our Worship Encounter but they are doing so much more! The group has been leading worship at least twice a month at Delta Church of Christ. What a blessing this group has been!

We can't say enough thank you's to all of our individuals, organizations and churches who support the ministry of Active Christians Today. Your support through prayer and financial gifts makes all the difference as we reach out to the mission field on our campuses! 

November 2017 - News Nuggets

Our study of Psalms continues each Wednesday night. It has been quite a journey for many as the book of Psalms touches deeply on human emotion. Through it we are learning that some emotions are deeply spiritual while others are the opposite. How we manage emotions is one of the main focuses of our study. Lots of tears have been shed but there has been a lot of joy as well.

We had two great church visits in October. We visited First Christian Church Sandusky and took part in an overnight trip to Christ’s Church in Tiffin. Both visits provided the UT and BG groups a chance to meet with supporters of Active Christians Today and participate in their worship services. It was a wonderful time!

We had a great night joining with the Bowling Green ACT crew for the semiannual Food Giveaway. Some of our students had the opportunity to share food and water with police who were working at a sobriety checkpoint just down the street from the BG campus house. We also tried something new with rides offered to students from the bars who definitely should not have been driving (let alone walking).

Another great night last month with the BG group was touring the corn maze at Wheeler Farms and then a perfect Fall Fun Night with campfire fun at the Weaver Ranch, S'mores, hot dogs and bobbing for apples "in the air!"

We had another great night of harvest fun at the end of the month with our Harvest Party. The night featured pumpkin carving, caramel apples, s'mores, candy, costume contest, food & fun!

Our worship nights continue to grow in attendance. We are happy to see so many new faces!

October 2017 - News Nuggets

A group of ACT'ers participated with Global Connections and Wes Blood to provide free furniture and move it to the residences of international students early in September. We partnered with Wes to continue this effort. 

At the end of September we enjoyed the awesome opportunity to experience the work of the Central Detroit Christian and missionaries to the community working in Dearborn as a part of our Fall Getaway.

We enjoyed a great month of fellowship activities including our new tradition of “Messy Twister” (and yes, it was messy - check out our facebook posts for details) and our First Friday Family Film Festival. Many students attended a Thursday night UT football game which resulted in a lot of fun and laughter. 

Our Wednesday nights have been busy with a crowded campus house for our Family Dinner followed by our Bible Study which has focused on the book of Psalms. A reminder that the book of Psalms is rife with powerful emotion. We have investigated how the Psalmist deals with the depth of feeling present in throughout the Psalms. 

We are excited to have a large men’s group meeting on Mondays and our women’s group meeting on Thursdays. We are blessed to have so many great leaders who continue to step up in leadership roles.

God has blessed us with such an awesome group of supporters. We thank you for your notes of encouragement, emails and dropping in on us! We love it! So many have been touched by the ministry of ACT through the years and it is awesome to know that God has allowed us to carry on that tradition.

September 2017 - News Nuggets

The calendar may not say it, but the school schedule dictates that summer is over! We closed our Friday night “In the Woods with Jesus” on August 11, 2017. The next day was our annual ACT UT Campus House cleanup day. And cleanup we did! Lots of work done around the campus house to get it ready for the new semester!

The end of August is the beginning of the new school year. Football games on Saturday (or Thursday if ESPN has anything to do with it), classes, moving in and more are already in full swing.

The regular schedule for Active Christians Today is already underway as well. Our welcome week activities included a huge turn out for our annual Welcome Bash Cookout on September 26, 2017. Over sixty students showed up to join us in 9 Square, barbeque burgers and dogs, finding out about Active Christians Today and meeting our students and staff. It was a great day!

Welcome events continued with our first worship service of the new semester followed by a dessert fellowship. Monday night was our small group meet n greet where students could meet our small group leaders and find out what opportunities were available. Tuesday was “Taco Tuesday” and another chance to meet our staff and student leaders. Wednesday was our first family dinner and Bible Study of the new year. We are studying in the Psalms for the semester with a focus on the emotional depth of the Psalms and how the words of David can help us today. 

Many of our students joined together on Thursday for the first University of Toledo Rockets football game. New students attended as well making this a great night to gather, meet and have fun at the same time!

There is so much going on! If you are a student at the University of Toledo, we would love to have you join us! Check out our calendar here at the website or keep up with us on social media. You may direct message us online through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or right here on our website. Just remember: actatut as it is our user name at all social media sites.

None of this could happen without the awesome support of our many ACT alumni, families and friends who make this all possible. Thank you for your support!!!

August 2017 - News Nuggets

It seems shocking that summer is already almost over! Students return to the University of Toledo campus this month to begin another year of school. 

Our school year begins a week later than in the past. UT will begin the year one full week later than Bowling Green State University. The semester lasts 15 weeks this year so our ministry time will be compressed a bit. 

Summer continues to be busy with Active Christians Today. July was a month of “church visits.” For the uninitiated, church visits are the opportunity to meet the friends, family and supporters of Active Christians Today and the families of our students. It is a chance to offer a word of thanks, share the story of ACT and make a personal connection with those who continually support ACT in so many ways.

We visited Strongsville for a weekend to meet with one of our student’s families and attend church with them. It is so great to be able to strengthen bonds and find out more about our student’s lives beyond the campus.

Our campus pastor Scott Weaver brought the Sunday morning message at Delta Church of Christ on July 16, 2017. During that time he was also able to again thank Delta for the strong support of ACT both at Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo.

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend trip to Edon Church of Christ in Edon, Ohio on July 30, 2017. Our hearts were blessed with a wonderful message and the chance to say thank you to so many supporters of our ministry both at the University of Toledo and at Bowling Green State University.

We only have a few weeks left of “In the Woods with Jesus” at the Weaver Ranch before our summer activities come to an end. Each Friday a bunch of students gather to share in a time of games, fun, food, fellowship, campfires, volleyball, praise songs around the fire and a devotion. This is a great chance for prospective students to meet our staff and students. Interested? Message us for details!

In fact, we are always available to answer questions. You can direct message us online through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or right here on our website. Just remember: actatut as it is our user name at all social media sites.

Thanks to our many supporters both through prayer and financial gifts. Our ministry wouldn’t be possible without your support! Thank you and God bless you.

July 2017 - News Nuggets

For many involved in campus life, summer is a time for reflection, vacation, quiet and a time relatively free of school-related activities. However, summer is not a quiet time for Active Christians Today at the University of Toledo! Though we do reflect, it is also a time to ask for God’s revelation to us. We ask God to reveal where He wishes us to go. We ask God for discernment and direction. We bathe all of our ideas in prayer... and then we work in Him to bring His plans to fruition.

Already our leaders are working on ideas for the opening week of the Fall Semester. This year will be different because the campus is moving from at 16 week schedule to a 15 week semester. This will compact the amount of time we have to work meaning everything must happen at a more rapid pace. So, there is much that has to be done to prepare!

In the meantime, ministry continues even though it isn’t in the campus environment.

June featured a mission trip to West Virginia for “Brothers’ Keeper.” This is an annual work trip. More than one hundred students and leaders gather in Jackson County based at Parchment Valley Conference Center in Ripley. The group fans out across the area to do work for financially or physically disadvantaged families. The work includes light construction, yard work, tarring roofs, building wheelchair ramps, siding, porches and whatever jobs we can do to help homeowners in need throughout Jackson County.

Friday nights are loud, boisterous and full of joy. “In the Woods with Jesus” takes place each Friday night at the Weaver Ranch. Lots of students join us for volleyball, Foosball, singing praise songs around the campfire and devotionals. Our Friday’s are open to all and a great chance to meet our students and leaders. 

If you are curious about Active Christians Today at UT or Bowling Green State University, why don’t you use the “contact us” button to reach out! We would love to hear from you! We have a great group of students who simply love Jesus and want to share that love in a genuine believing community!

As always, ACT couldn’t happen without the love and support of so many. Our ministry is an extension of our supporters. You provide the prayer and financial means and we provide the hands and feet to make it happen. As always, thank you. 

June 2017 - News Nuggets

The University of Toledo campus is relatively quiet... students have departed for home, ACT UT students have departed for mission opportunities, jobs and families. However, ACT doesn’t stop!

All summer long we hold “In the Woods with Jesus” each Friday night at the Weaver Family Ranch. Campfires, volleyball, ping pong, Foosball, worship, devotionals and more every week. This is a gathering for new students, veteran students, leaders and staff. It is a great chance to meet our leaders, to ask questions and find out more about ACT! Check our calendar for more details.

Our students are involved in mission opportunities both here in the United States and around the world. Several ACT’ers will head to West Virginia at the end of June for “Brothers’ Keeper” which reaches out to the local community of Jackson County. 

Plans are already underway for the Fall semester. Our Student Leadership Team is developing an outreach and evangelism plan for the fall. Please keep them in your prayers.

Please feel free to come out and join us “In the Woods with Jesus!” We would love to see you sometime this summer!

All we do through ACT wouldn’t be possible without the power of God and the support of so many who undergird us with prayers and financial gifts. Thank you so much for helping us as we continue reaching the world beginning on the campus of the University of Toledo.

May 2017 - News Nuggets

What a year! We have established a great leadership team, we have seen growth in discipleship, leadership and the average numbers we see at our events. There have also been many improvements to the ACT Campus House. All of this would not be possible without God and the support of so many!

April 1 began the month with a special “Scavenger Hunt” put on by our ACT women for our ACT men. The women lost a fund raising challenge and so their payment was this special afternoon. The men traveled in two teams all over downtown Toledo and the University of Toledo campus looking for locations based on clues created by our ACT women. It was so much fun that many have asked that we do it again next year!

That same weekend we joined with ACT BG to see the fantastic film “The Case for Christ.” The movie is based on Lee Strobel’s journey in faith and the book that followed. 

Our First Friday Family Film Festival featured the movie “The Redemption of Henry Myers.” We highly recommend this Christian film and the message it teaches. It is well-acted and another gem. We had a great turn out and everyone loved the movie.

Sunday nights for the month of April we turned our attention to the movie “The Case for Christ” as each week we looked at one aspect of what it means to believe in Jesus. With students preparing to return to the “real world” of summer away from the campus, our goal was to build a solid foundation to defend our faith. Our worship highlighted moments from the movie along with the theological foundation and building blocks of our faith.

Friday nights are always a lot of fun around the ACT Campus House. This month our special events included a “Summer Preview Party” with typical summer activities. Kick ball on our circle, popsicles, games and a fun (but cold) night!

Our final Friday night for the semester was our Koinonia Night. This is a night for students to share the highlights from the year and the ways God worked in our lives. It was great to see so many new students who only began with us last fall and are now ACT “veterans.”

Following our Koinonia Night, many of our students traveled down to Bowling Green to join ACT BG in our twice annual “God Dogs and Jesus Burgers.” The evening was rainy at times but it never dampened the fun. Thousands of students pass by the ACT BG campus house each weekend evening. This night was no different! Many of the students who were originally just walking past the house stayed for extended conversations with our ACT’ers. 

Our Wednesday night Bible Study closed our travels though the Gospel of Mark. We finished up with the Passion narrative along with the Gospel writer’s reports surrounding the empty tomb and what that means. This dovetailed nicely with our Case for Christ series.

Our twice annual doughnut giveaway at the University of Toledo Carlson Library was well-received by students and again opened up many avenues for conversation and further interest in ACT.

All we do through ACT wouldn’t be possible without the power of God and the support of so many who undergird us with prayers and financial gifts. Thank you so much for helping us as we continue reaching the world beginning on the campus of the University of Toledo.