Our monthly ACT UT News Nuggets are a report of our recent activities, news from the ACT UT Campus Ministry and upcoming events. 

These monthly reports are emailed to our ACT Alumni and supporters through ACT Inc (combining reports from both campuses). This allows us to keep in contact with those who support ACT UT and provide communication with are far-flung alumni across the world!

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December 2015 - News Nuggets

The Christmas season means there are now so many more distractions in addition to the rigor of classes, homework and exams. We pray that in the midst of these distractions we are able to break through with the real story of the birth of Jesus and what it truly means to each of us!

Our Sunday night worship in November was focused on “Blessings” and now has turned to “Stories from the Birth of Christ.” Our devotions look at several members of the Nativity story and how those Biblical accounts relate to our lives. 

Our Wednesday night family dinners have continued to be a great time to truly fellowship together. Laughter and joy fill the air as we work to maintain an active community social life. 

Our Wednesday night Bible Study Small group completed a six part series titled “Do Over” with a deeper study of Paul’s letter to the Romans. Our study now turns to the birth of Christ and a deeper look at the relationships between the Biblical characters in the Nativity story. We will kick off a new series in January on the book of James.

ACT UT was blessed to lead worship at That Neighborhood Church on November 21. It was a great evening to help the ministry at TNC and we will continue to participate on a regular basis.

Thanksgiving brought us wonderful family Thanksgiving dinner at the Ferrells with our ACT UT students and then another wonderful evening sharing in the “Thanksgiving Feast for our International Friends.” Our students were able to interact and build relationships with students who enjoyed a true American Thanksgiving dinner.

Our ACT UT drama group presented a sketch at a local Variety Show about removing the “buts” in our lives that stop us from serving God the way we should. It was a joyous night of laughter and fun.

During this season we wish you a truly Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November 2015 - News Nuggets

We covet your prayers as we work in the midst of students who face so many challenges beyond schoolwork. We are constantly working to disciple students to build up the armor of God as they face spiritual battles on all sides.

We discovered through “God moments” when we had to hold worship at the Campus House that we actually enjoy the intimate and quieter worship style. A feeling of family is evident every time we hold worship at the Campus House. A decision has been made to move our worship to the Campus House for the foreseeable future. Our worship messages have focused on being joyful while developing a global Christian view in the midst of a dark world. 

Our Wednesday night family dinners are a tremendously enjoyable time to truly fellowship together. Christian music videos are played during the hour and a half of fun as we work to maintain a community social life. 

Our First Friday Family Film Fest continued with the movie “Gallows Road.” Some discussion that evening led us to make a decision to have a “social” event each weekend of one kind or another. These will also be mission and ministry-related depending on the weekend and event. We believe this will continue to grow relationships as we live out the call of Christ in our lives.

Our Wednesday night Bible Study Small group is in the midst of a six part series titled “Do Over” with a deeper study of Paul’s letter to the Romans. Our goals as always is developing a deeper understanding of Scripture while building disciples and taking what we learn and apply it in a practical way to the world around us.

ACT UT marched in the Rocket’s Homecoming Parade on October 10. We continue to find opportunities for evangelism and to make an impact on campus through participating in campus events.

Again, your support is coveted and we truly appreciate your prayers!

October 2015 - News Nuggets

We can not thank you enough for your support! Living in the trenches of ministry to millennials is not for the faint of heart and knowing that there are amazing people like you out there who pray for us and support what we do is the only thing that gets us through some days.

Every new school year has it’s own particular challenges. New classes, new professors and new routines keep things fresh and vibrant for everyone both inside and outside ACT. As we have settled in, we already recognize that there are areas with which we can endeavor to reach more students and change the world for Christ.

September kicked off our “First Friday Family Film Festival” with the showing of the movie “Hoovey.” Each month we are attempting to find Christian films that might be not be known to the general Christian community to open up to a new audience. There are a growing number of Christian production film companies attempting to fill a much-needed niche in the movie industry. In October we plan to show the movie “Gallows Road” which again is another of these less-known but wonderful films.

Our Wednesday nights have been filled with fun, fellowship and laughter. It has truly become a “family evening” and we are excited that so many make their home with us on Friday nights. Our meals have been prepared both by leaders and students and have been very well-received. We are finishing up a wonderful Small Group Bible Study based on the Guardrails series by Andy Stanley. In October, we are looking at student requests and different options as we consider the best way to continue to build and grow disciples for the kingdom of God!

September 2015 - News Nuggets

We kicked off the new school year with our ACT UT Welcome Picnic the first week of classes. We were exceedingly happy with the large group of students who attended and all of those who helped make it such a success. We are already witnessing the fruit of that event in our group with new students and great enthusiasm.

Our Wednesday night Small Group Bible Study kicked off with the series “Guardrails” and we have had a wonderful response. We are excited to have our leaders and students participate in planning our Wednesday night Family Dinners. 

Our students took the lead in staffing our Student Organizations Fair table. We reached out to many incoming students through this opportunity.

Our weekly Sunday night worship services have been an exciting time. We were so excited to be able to have a baptism following our August 30 service. God is moving and we can feel it! We are identifying new worship leaders both vocally and as instrumentalists. We consider this a ministry and leadership opportunity for our students. The response so far has been tremendous and we can’t wait to see what God will do next!

This month we begin our First Friday Family Film Festival at the ACT UT house. This fellowship and ACT community event will be built around showcasing some of the more “off the beaten track” Christian films that may not make it to our local theaters. We are excited about the interest we have already witnessed among our students!

We have been blessed in so many ways!