This month begins our annual Friday nights at the “Weaver Ranch” out in Swanton. A regular question among our students is “are you going to the Friday thing?” With that in mind, we decided to change the name of our summer gatherings to the “Friday Night Thing!”

Our final “big event” of the Spring Term was our semi-annual doughnut giveaway. At the end of each term, we give away many dozens of doughnuts on the Sunday and Monday nights of exam week to students passing through or studying at the Carlson Library on the University of Toledo Campus. We have become known as the “doughnut people” and it always opens up avenues of communication and a chance to share the Gospel!

During the final week of June our leaders and students will head to West Virginia for our annual mission trip to Jackson County. This is one of the poorest communities in West Virginia and our group joins with others to reach out in service. Our group builds wheelchair ramps, repairs drywall, digs ditches, paints and a whole lot more for people who otherwise could not afford to have work done at their homes. Please pray for us in this effort!

Thank you to all of our many churches, individuals and families for your continued support of Active Christians Today. Your prayers and financial gifts allow us to change the world with the love of Jesus!