Our worship focus this semester has been prayer. We are looking at many different aspects of prayer. Not only the subject of prayer, but practical application. Everyone has their own way of speaking and responding to God and we are hoping through this series to see students find something they can use in their lives when it comes to prayer.

Our Spring Semester Coin Wars challenge is a fundraiser to help support Caleb's fight against lymphoma. Caleb had to leave his job as an RN in the Neuro ICU at Toledo Hospital during this fight. He has been forced to take an extended leave of absence due to treatment. So we want to help him with our Coin Wars Men versus the Ladies Challenge! OUR CHALLENGE CONCLUDES ON FRIDAY, MARCH 16 AT 7 PM!

Wednesday nights we are walking through the entire book of James during our Bible Study time. This is a verse by verse exegetical study as we discover what James has to say to our community of Believers!

From dark to light - literally in the basement at the campus house. The basement was previously very dark with low lighting, bad seating (folding patio chairs) and not much to attract anyone. It could be better described as a dungeon. So, lots of work went into updating the basement. Improvements included: removal of the old furniture, filling another two dumpsters with trash, epoxied the floor, old lighting and wiring removed and many additional can lights installed, bright yellow chairs added along with "cafe-style" tables, a fireplace heater to supplement the heat in the basement, completely rewired all outlets and electrical so all switches for the lights appear in one location, added new monitors and stands for use in worship and other events, new throw rugs (easily removed and cleaned), painted the entire old section of the ceiling white, walls re-painted, "pizza ovens" installed with upgraded outlets, worship sound equipment improved and more. 

Our “Football Sunday” party was the debut for our new basement space which will eventually be called “The Refuge.” We were excited to welcome our Bowling Green ACT brothers and sisters to watch the big game but also to hear the testimonies of Believers who actually played in the game! What a fun night!

We thank God for Patrick who skillfully organizes and plans our Sunday night Worship Encounter praise team. So many have been touched by his leadership!

It was a crazy fun Cookie Bake-Off and Overnighter with cookies, spoons, our own gold medal ceremony (thanks Karen), laughing until we cried, Olympics, pancakes, gourmet hot chocolate, sausages, chocolate fudge sauce, coffee, curling gold (GO USA!), and Graham cracker crumbs. It is fun to do something that is entirely about spending time with our ACT family!