Things are quiet around the ACT Campus House as we are in the middle of Christmas break. Students have a full four weeks away from campus this year so it is a perfect time for some reflection on the Fall Semester. 

Students face a multitude of challenges when they leave the confines of their home to the freedom of campus life. A number of students dealt with major life issues this semester including changing majors, possible job opportunities, alcohol abuse, choosing a marriage partner and more. Being able to be present and available to work through these issues with our students was a huge highlight of the semester even though we were dealing with such life altering issues.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner was a big highlight of the Fall Semester. The ACT UT Campus House was filled with lively students as we celebrated with a full, traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The time was truly special and concluded with a time of thanking God for His blessings. One of the most poignant moments took place when a student said, “I have attended an event at every campus ministry at UT and ACT is the only ministry where I truly feel like part of a family.” 

Our students and staff love every second we can spend together at ACT BG and ACT UT combined gatherings. We were able to gather together a number of times including our Fall Fun Night, Church Visits and of course the big University of Toledo at Bowling Green football game. The joy and excitement of the two groups together is truly contagious!

Our church visits are always a highlight. One of the most fun Sunday mornings was sharing in the exuberant worship of Christ’s Church in Tiffin, Ohio. The congregation sang with gusto and we enjoyed the excitement that was obvious in every aspect of the worship that Sunday morning. Our students also enjoy leading worship at Delta Church of Christ where we participated monthly. 

All we do through ACT wouldn’t be possible without the power of God and the support of so many who undergird us with prayers and financial gifts. Thank you so much for helping us as we continue reaching the world beginning on the campus of the University of Toledo.