The calendar may not say it, but the school schedule dictates that summer is over! We closed our Friday night “In the Woods with Jesus” on August 11, 2017. The next day was our annual ACT UT Campus House cleanup day. And cleanup we did! Lots of work done around the campus house to get it ready for the new semester!

The end of August is the beginning of the new school year. Football games on Saturday (or Thursday if ESPN has anything to do with it), classes, moving in and more are already in full swing.

The regular schedule for Active Christians Today is already underway as well. Our welcome week activities included a huge turn out for our annual Welcome Bash Cookout on September 26, 2017. Over sixty students showed up to join us in 9 Square, barbeque burgers and dogs, finding out about Active Christians Today and meeting our students and staff. It was a great day!

Welcome events continued with our first worship service of the new semester followed by a dessert fellowship. Monday night was our small group meet n greet where students could meet our small group leaders and find out what opportunities were available. Tuesday was “Taco Tuesday” and another chance to meet our staff and student leaders. Wednesday was our first family dinner and Bible Study of the new year. We are studying in the Psalms for the semester with a focus on the emotional depth of the Psalms and how the words of David can help us today. 

Many of our students joined together on Thursday for the first University of Toledo Rockets football game. New students attended as well making this a great night to gather, meet and have fun at the same time!

There is so much going on! If you are a student at the University of Toledo, we would love to have you join us! Check out our calendar here at the website or keep up with us on social media. You may direct message us online through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or right here on our website. Just remember: actatut as it is our user name at all social media sites.

None of this could happen without the awesome support of our many ACT alumni, families and friends who make this all possible. Thank you for your support!!!