It seems shocking that summer is already almost over! Students return to the University of Toledo campus this month to begin another year of school. 

Our school year begins a week later than in the past. UT will begin the year one full week later than Bowling Green State University. The semester lasts 15 weeks this year so our ministry time will be compressed a bit. 

Summer continues to be busy with Active Christians Today. July was a month of “church visits.” For the uninitiated, church visits are the opportunity to meet the friends, family and supporters of Active Christians Today and the families of our students. It is a chance to offer a word of thanks, share the story of ACT and make a personal connection with those who continually support ACT in so many ways.

We visited Strongsville for a weekend to meet with one of our student’s families and attend church with them. It is so great to be able to strengthen bonds and find out more about our student’s lives beyond the campus.

Our campus pastor Scott Weaver brought the Sunday morning message at Delta Church of Christ on July 16, 2017. During that time he was also able to again thank Delta for the strong support of ACT both at Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo.

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend trip to Edon Church of Christ in Edon, Ohio on July 30, 2017. Our hearts were blessed with a wonderful message and the chance to say thank you to so many supporters of our ministry both at the University of Toledo and at Bowling Green State University.

We only have a few weeks left of “In the Woods with Jesus” at the Weaver Ranch before our summer activities come to an end. Each Friday a bunch of students gather to share in a time of games, fun, food, fellowship, campfires, volleyball, praise songs around the fire and a devotion. This is a great chance for prospective students to meet our staff and students. Interested? Message us for details!

In fact, we are always available to answer questions. You can direct message us online through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or right here on our website. Just remember: actatut as it is our user name at all social media sites.

Thanks to our many supporters both through prayer and financial gifts. Our ministry wouldn’t be possible without your support! Thank you and God bless you.