Our monthly ACT UT News Nuggets are a report of our recent activities, news from the ACT UT Campus Ministry and upcoming events. 

These monthly reports are emailed to our ACT Alumni and supporters through ACT Inc (combining reports from both campuses). This allows us to keep in contact with those who support ACT UT and provide communication with are far-flung alumni across the world!

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August 2018 - News Nuggets

To start off we have a huge praise! God has sent us another student who will live at the house this year. We have a full house! It is a huge help to have students reside at the ACT house as they do a lot to make ministry easy - from mowing the lawn to shoveling the driveway and keeping the public spaces presentable for our many students who love to use the house for studying, fellowship and... yes... napping between classes.

Our Friday Night Thing ended the summer on a hot note! It has been warm this summer but we had a lot of fun playing 9 Square, swimming, eating pudgie pies and simply enjoying fellowship out at the Weaver Ranch.

We kick off the school year with our Welcome Cookout on Saturday, August 25. Please pray for our students and leaders as they welcome new and returning students to campus.

Our regular schedule begins with worship on August 26 at 6:30. We will also hold worship over Labor Day weekend. We rarely cancel worship unless the weather is just too dangerous so you can depend on a place to go to spend time praising God on Sunday nights!

Our Bible Study on Wednesdays kicks off with “Philippians.” We will do a study of the entire book during the first weeks of the Fall Term. Join us at 7 PM - and come early for our weekly free dinner at 5:30!

A huge thanks to the families, individuals and churches who support Active Christians Today. Your prayers and financial support make what we do possible. You are an extension of us! 

July 2018 - News Nuggets

Is summer really almost half way over? As we head toward the midpoint of summer, Active Christians Today at the University of Toledo continues our ministry.

We have two students staying the summer at the campus house which has been a huge blessing. We are still searching for an additional student or students to get involved with Active Christians Today and live at the house during the next school year. If you know of someone, please let us know!

June began our annual Friday nights at the “Weaver Ranch”in Swanton. The “Friday Night Thing” has been a lot of fun and we would love to have you join in!

Our students and leaders will be making a trip to Cleveland this month. We are making a “church visit” with a family of one of our students along with meeting alumni and current students who live in the Cleveland area. We are excited to continue the relationship we have with our supporters around the state and hope to make this a continuing tradition!

Thank you for all of your support for the ministry of Active Christians Today. Your prayers and financial gifts make it possible to continue in our mission field of the college campus. Your support is a huge blessing to us. Thank you!

June 2018 - News Nuggets

This month begins our annual Friday nights at the “Weaver Ranch” out in Swanton. A regular question among our students is “are you going to the Friday thing?” With that in mind, we decided to change the name of our summer gatherings to the “Friday Night Thing!”

Our final “big event” of the Spring Term was our semi-annual doughnut giveaway. At the end of each term, we give away many dozens of doughnuts on the Sunday and Monday nights of exam week to students passing through or studying at the Carlson Library on the University of Toledo Campus. We have become known as the “doughnut people” and it always opens up avenues of communication and a chance to share the Gospel!

During the final week of June our leaders and students will head to West Virginia for our annual mission trip to Jackson County. This is one of the poorest communities in West Virginia and our group joins with others to reach out in service. Our group builds wheelchair ramps, repairs drywall, digs ditches, paints and a whole lot more for people who otherwise could not afford to have work done at their homes. Please pray for us in this effort!

Thank you to all of our many churches, individuals and families for your continued support of Active Christians Today. Your prayers and financial gifts allow us to change the world with the love of Jesus!

May 2018 - News Nuggets

April was a month of challenges - but not in the way you may think. Our Student Leadership Team challenged ACT to do more than just talk about prayer, fasting and daily Bible reading. The group was challenged to be accountability partners for each other through our challenges. Both a daily challenge and a twenty four hour fasting and prayer marathon involved most of our students. God did some amazing work during this time.

Our Bible Study in the Book of James has concluded. We were excited with the number of students who participated from beginning to end. We have already chosen our Fall Term study which will begin with the book of Philippians. It is so great to see our students interact with Scripture in a deep and fulfilling way!

As mentioned previously, we attempted to help our students develop a habit of daily Bible reading and prayer through a Bible reading challenge which concluded on April 8. It was great to celebrate the successful completion of this effort with two large tables FILLED with students at Texas Roadhouse. It was fun - but with a purpose. We are excited to see where God may be leading. 

Lots of deep prayer, fasting and Bible reading may have defined the month of April for us, but there was also time for fun. We held a “Minute To Win It” night where our basement was filled with laughter watching our students navigate several fun and crazy challenges. Our month also began with what has become an annual tradition: an all Toledo, all UT Campus Scavenger Hunt! Students were sent out across the city of Toledo following clues to see if they can complete our hunt with clues provided by our leadership team. Once the hunt was over, we enjoyed a dinner for everyone back at the ACT UT Campus House!
God continues to do a great thing through the ministry of Active Christians Today and we thank you so much for your support!

Whether you realize it or not, you can make a huge difference in the life of our students with your support of the ministries of Active Christians Today. None of this happens without prayer and financial support. Thank you to those who have already made such a difference in the lives of our students and if you aren’t already a supporter, why not consider what you could do today? THANK YOU!

April 2018 - News Nuggets

Our Bible Study in the Book of James continues and we are excited as we will complete the entire book by the end of the semester. There is always joy studying the Word of God!

Many of our students are sharing with us in a daily devotion, prayer and Bible reading challenge. The challenge concludes on April 8. The goal is simple - to develop a habit of Bible reading and prayer! Those students who have completed at least one of the two 21 day challenges will be invited to join in a FREE sit down celebration dinner this month. It is fantastic to watch as ACT’ers become accountability partners for each other. 

We had a great time at our Game Night last month. Sometimes it is fun to just enjoy board games, card games and video games. The evening concluded with a special visit to UT's Spirit Rock.

Our Spring Semester Coin Wars challenge concluded and we were able to write a nice-sized check to Caleb to help out as he has fought lymphoma. He has been forced to take an extended leave of absence due to treatment. All proceeds have been donated to Caleb to help with his substantial personal and medical expenses related to his leave of absence. 

We had a time of fun, fellowship, learning and growth during a retreat weekend to “Hoosierland” in March. We began in Indianapolis and then traveled to Bloomington on Saturday. We toured the Indiana University campus, got to hang out with one of our students who is taking part in a internship there and enjoyed hearing devotions from all of the students who traveled with us. We ended up going through a major snowstorm while there which only added to the fun! 

Saint Patrick's Day is one of the biggest bar and party nights at Bowling Green State University and we used it for a special outreach. ACT UT and ACT BG joined forces to reach out to the thousands of students pass by the front of the ACT BG Campus House. We served hot "PADDY CAKES", delicious Paddy Day snacks, provided rides to students from the bars (to keep the inebriated off the roads), had indoor and outdoor games, music, and more. We want to love our BG neighborhood like Saint Patrick loved his neighborhood, with words and action.  

God continues to do a great thing through the ministry of Active Christians Today and we thank you so much for your support!

March 2018 - News Nuggets

Our worship focus this semester has been prayer. We are looking at many different aspects of prayer. Not only the subject of prayer, but practical application. Everyone has their own way of speaking and responding to God and we are hoping through this series to see students find something they can use in their lives when it comes to prayer.

Our Spring Semester Coin Wars challenge is a fundraiser to help support Caleb's fight against lymphoma. Caleb had to leave his job as an RN in the Neuro ICU at Toledo Hospital during this fight. He has been forced to take an extended leave of absence due to treatment. So we want to help him with our Coin Wars Men versus the Ladies Challenge! OUR CHALLENGE CONCLUDES ON FRIDAY, MARCH 16 AT 7 PM!

Wednesday nights we are walking through the entire book of James during our Bible Study time. This is a verse by verse exegetical study as we discover what James has to say to our community of Believers!

From dark to light - literally in the basement at the campus house. The basement was previously very dark with low lighting, bad seating (folding patio chairs) and not much to attract anyone. It could be better described as a dungeon. So, lots of work went into updating the basement. Improvements included: removal of the old furniture, filling another two dumpsters with trash, epoxied the floor, old lighting and wiring removed and many additional can lights installed, bright yellow chairs added along with "cafe-style" tables, a fireplace heater to supplement the heat in the basement, completely rewired all outlets and electrical so all switches for the lights appear in one location, added new monitors and stands for use in worship and other events, new throw rugs (easily removed and cleaned), painted the entire old section of the ceiling white, walls re-painted, "pizza ovens" installed with upgraded outlets, worship sound equipment improved and more. 

Our “Football Sunday” party was the debut for our new basement space which will eventually be called “The Refuge.” We were excited to welcome our Bowling Green ACT brothers and sisters to watch the big game but also to hear the testimonies of Believers who actually played in the game! What a fun night!

We thank God for Patrick who skillfully organizes and plans our Sunday night Worship Encounter praise team. So many have been touched by his leadership!

It was a crazy fun Cookie Bake-Off and Overnighter with cookies, spoons, our own gold medal ceremony (thanks Karen), laughing until we cried, Olympics, pancakes, gourmet hot chocolate, sausages, chocolate fudge sauce, coffee, curling gold (GO USA!), and Graham cracker crumbs. It is fun to do something that is entirely about spending time with our ACT family!

February 2018 - News Nuggets

Our Spring Semester Coin Wars challenge is a fundraiser to help support Caleb's fight against lymphoma. Caleb had to leave his job as an RN in the Neuro ICU at Toledo Hospital during this fight. He has been forced to take an extended leave of absence due to treatment. Our leadership team wants to help him out with our Coin Wars Men versus the Ladies Challenge. All proceeds will be donated to Caleb to help with his substantial personal and medical expenses related to his leave of absence. Anyone can join us in this effort to help Caleb!

We are excited to begin a new study on Wednesday nights. During this semester we will journey through the entire book of James. 

Our Sunday Night Worship Encounter is entirely focused on prayer this semester. Each Sunday night we will learn about prayer and different ways to incorporate prayer in our lives. 

Our Annual Graham Cracker Building Contest was a great night with prizes awarded for the Most Biblically-Oriented, Most Creative, Most Delicious-Looking, Largest Structure, Most Fun Theme, Best in Show and more.

We are excited to report on major changes to our basement. We are slowly converting it into what will eventually be called “The Refuge.” It is meant to be a gathering place for our Sunday night Worship Encounter along with a great place for meetings and games. The entire basement has been refurbished with a new floor coating, new paint, new chairs, new tables, pizza ovens and more! Stop by and see what everyone is talking about!

God is doing some amazing things through Active Christians Today and it couldn’t happen with the prayers and gifts of our supporters. We thank you and we would love for you to stop by some time and see what God is doing! 

January 2018 - News Nuggets

Things are quiet around the ACT Campus House as we are in the middle of Christmas break. Students have a full four weeks away from campus this year so it is a perfect time for some reflection on the Fall Semester. 

Students face a multitude of challenges when they leave the confines of their home to the freedom of campus life. A number of students dealt with major life issues this semester including changing majors, possible job opportunities, alcohol abuse, choosing a marriage partner and more. Being able to be present and available to work through these issues with our students was a huge highlight of the semester even though we were dealing with such life altering issues.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner was a big highlight of the Fall Semester. The ACT UT Campus House was filled with lively students as we celebrated with a full, traditional Thanksgiving dinner. The time was truly special and concluded with a time of thanking God for His blessings. One of the most poignant moments took place when a student said, “I have attended an event at every campus ministry at UT and ACT is the only ministry where I truly feel like part of a family.” 

Our students and staff love every second we can spend together at ACT BG and ACT UT combined gatherings. We were able to gather together a number of times including our Fall Fun Night, Church Visits and of course the big University of Toledo at Bowling Green football game. The joy and excitement of the two groups together is truly contagious!

Our church visits are always a highlight. One of the most fun Sunday mornings was sharing in the exuberant worship of Christ’s Church in Tiffin, Ohio. The congregation sang with gusto and we enjoyed the excitement that was obvious in every aspect of the worship that Sunday morning. Our students also enjoy leading worship at Delta Church of Christ where we participated monthly. 

All we do through ACT wouldn’t be possible without the power of God and the support of so many who undergird us with prayers and financial gifts. Thank you so much for helping us as we continue reaching the world beginning on the campus of the University of Toledo.