Our annual ACT UT Christmas Party is Friday, November 20 6:30 PM at the Weaver Ranch. We call it our "Stephen Did You Know White Elephant Ugly Sweater Crazy Socks Christmas Party!" It is a joyful evening full of laughter and of course, everything will be COVID-safe.

Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater (or any ugly sweater) for our Ugly Sweater contest.

Bring a "White Elephant" Gift for our gift exchange. What is a White Elephant Gift Exchange? Bring a wrapped gift, generally a crazy and cheap gift or a re-gift. One at a time we will open each gift. The next person will be able to either "steal" the previous gift or open a new one! The goal? To walk away with the best present. 

Bring a pair of Crazy Christmas socks to exchange. Fill each sock with a variety of nice gifts. These gifts are real gifts - unlike the white elephant exchange. The socks will go under the tree and we will all pick a pair and open them together.

Food for grazing will be available along with hot chocolate.

Note: The crazy name of our party was created at one of our initial ACT Student Leadership Team meetings many years ago. No one could come up with a catchy name that included all we do... so we included everything. When Stephen Millner showed up at the meeting, they said "Stephen Did You Know" about the party? And it stuck.