Praises at ACT UT

It seems like March went by so quickly and the end of the semester is already almost upon us! We praise God for all we have seen Him do in the lives of our students over this year!

We thank God for the great group of students participating in the 21 Day Bible Reading Challenge. They are participating in the “Rooted in the Gospel” or “21 Days of Prayer.” 

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend visiting one of our students at Indiana University in Bloomington. Our devotion times throughout the weekend were entirely led by our students. It was truly a blessing to hear how God is working in each of their lives.

Praise God for a big check we get to send to Caleb as a result of the Coin Wars Challenge. We hope this helps as he continues to return to full strength.

We thank God for a great St. Patrick’s Paddy Party that we shared in with our sisters and brothers at Bowling Green State University. We reached out to students with rides for those leaving the bars and green pancakes at the ACT BG Campus House!

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

As our students look toward the conclusion of the semester, we pray that the things they have learned through ACT this year take root and they are able to apply them as they head in separate directions this summer.

Pray for those students in Bowling Green who may have been touched by the outreach work of the St. Patrick’s Day Paddy Party.

We ask that God change the lives of our students participating in the 21 Day Bible Reading Challenge that they would make daily immersion in the Word of God a habit!

Pray for Caleb to continue to grow strong as he recovers from lymphoma!

And we pray for our supports both in prayer and financially for all you do to make the ministry of Active Christians Today possible. THANK YOU!