Praises at ACT UT

Praise God for some big changes happening at the campus house! We are dramatically updating the basement for the Spring Semester.

Praise God for the growth we have seen among our students. We have seen some amazing things happen and we know that God is the reason!

Praise God for the joy our students find gathering with the BG students. The groups have a real comradery and joy in community. 

Prayer Requests at ACT UT 

Pray that the Christmas break does not lessen the zeal of our students and the growth we have seen in them.

Pray that God uses the changes at the campus house to provide a welcome home for more students in the coming year.

Pray that God recharges and re-energizes our students as they get set to do God’s work this Spring!

We pray for our supporters who make all the difference in the ministry of Active Christians Today at the University of Toledo. We pray that the sacrifice they make through prayer and their financial gifts results in the blessings of God raining down on us! Thank you!