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Christmas in July at the Weaver Ranch July 7

It's Christmas in July! We welcome both ACT BG and UToledo students to the "Weaver Ranch" (6260 Prov Neap Swan Rd Swanton OH 43558) for a Christmas celebration at 6:30 on July 7!

This is the perfect time to celebrate Christ's birth without all the trappings of holiday hubbub that take over our whole society every December.

We will enjoy Christmas carols, Linus (Peanuts) sharing the Nativity story and a Christmas devotion!

Bring your ice skates (for real!) for the ice rink in the barn! We'll have a snowball fight and bring a silly gift (find a dollar store special) to exchange in our summer white elephant gift exchange.

We will still have our regular hot dogs and pudgie pies for cooking over the fire!

ACT 50th Anniversary Celebration July 15-16


We are so excited to celebrate 50 years of college ministry with you all on Saturday, July 15 and for worship together on Sunday, July16 at 10:30 AM.

Join current and former campus ministers, current and former students, supporting churches, and friends to celebrate what God has done, is doing, and ask His blessing for the next 50!  

Watch your email, mailbox and social media for an invitation and registration details!

| Tentative Schedule |

Open Houses BG & UToledo | 9:30 AM
Lunches with Staff | 12 PM
The Big Picnic | 4 PM
Worship & Celebration | 6 PM

Worship at the Weaver Ranch (6260 Prov Neap Swan Rd Swanton OH 43558) | 10:30 AM

Church Visit to Edon Church of Christ October 15

Active Christians Today will hit the road October 15 for a church visit to Edon Church of Christ (101 Franklin Street, Edon, Ohio 43518). The Edon Church of Christ morning Celebration Worship is at 10:00 AM. 

So what is a "church visit?" Well, Active Christians Today is supported by many individuals and churches. ACT makes many "church visits" throughout the year to see our friends and supporters. These visits allow us to answer questions about our ministries, meet students who are supported by these churches and let individuals know about the opportunities we have on our campuses.

One of the great ways we enhance our church visits is through the attendance of our Active Christians Today students. Please plan on being a part of one (or more) of our church visit events!

Don't miss out on this amazing day!

Brothers' Keeper Mission Trip June 17-24

We have a summer mission opportunity for you! Brothers' Keeper is a multi-denominational stateside mission June 17 to 24, 2023 sponsored by the West Virginia Baptist Association. The Brothers’ Keeper ministry is based at Parchment Valley in Ripley, West Virginia.

Brothers' Keeper reaches out to the Jackson County West Virginia area (one of the poorest in all of West Virginia) by building wheelchair ramps, decks, house repairs, tarring roofs and more. Our students will lead in various capacities while serving on work teams around the county.

Several of our ACT'ers have participated in this mission through the years. If you would like to participate in Brothers' Keeper, registration forms and more information is available from leadership.

Brothers' Keeper, affectionately known as "BK" for short was established in the year 2000. Based at Parchment Valley Conference Center reaches out every year to the community for mission projects. Most are construction projects for low income families or families with a handicapped member. Youth groups from around West Virginia and surrounding states have come in to do mission work in Jackson County, West Virginia.

Every year Brothers' Keeper serves over families all over Jackson County, all while developing a mind for mission work in over 100 youth missionaries and our adult counselors and crew chiefs.

At the center of yearly planning is gospel scripture from the book of Matthew, chapter 25, verse 40. What better way to serve Christ than by serving his creation?

Secor Road Construction

Planning to join us at the ACT campus house? Be aware:

The City of Toledo is replacing the bridge on Secor Road over the Ottawa River.

Secor is closed from Valleston Parkway to the UToledo entrance at Towerview Boulevard.

Construction began January 3, 2023. The closure is expected to last about seven months.

Detour signs have been posted.

The walkways are closed as well so plan ahead!

Our Students Discuss Active Christians Today

Wondering what ACT is all about? Listen as our students share about Active Christians Today at the University of Toledo. Our students share a little bit about what ACT means to them:

ACT UT 2022 Fall Retreat

Our ACT UT 2022 Fall Retreat was held October 21-23, 2022.

We want to thank Delta Church of Christ for hosting us for the weekend. It was a weekend filled with activities with our theme: FEARLESS.

We learned what it meant to be fearless as we studied accounts in the life of Daniel. We discovered and discussed how the world wants to keep us quiet by "naming" us and "shaming" us and our faith. We saw how fear appears in our lives, and how God wants us to react to it. We encouraged one another this weekend to boldly step out in our faith.


In addition to our discipleship opportunities, our students also participated in service projects. ACT UToledo helped with a funeral luncheon followed by leading in games for the Delta Church of Christ Fall Kids Festival.

The weekend also included a hike on the Stewardship Trail in the Maumee State Forest plus a lot of fun and games. 

We have reason to be FEARLESS. We all want to be able to live our lives with confidence, knowing that whatever steps we take, our Lord and Savior will be right there with us. It was exciting to experience these things together and help each other become FEARLESS!

Where is ACT UToledo?

The trail to the ACT UToledo is located immediately across the street from the University of Toledo Parking Area 13 (between Bowman Oddy and Honors housing).

Note that the sign says "Follow the Path" so, follow!

You will head down the hill (to your left) following the mulch path to the back of the Campus House (2018 Bretton Place Toledo OH 43606).

Additional signs will guide you to the entrance of the Campus House!