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ACT Chivalry Dinner


The Chivalry Dinner returns! The men of ACT are hosting a Chivalry Dinner for the women of ACT Saturday night, February 15, 2020 in the old sanctuary at Cass Road Baptist Church (1400 Cass Road Maumee 43537). The festivities will begin at 6 PM.

The men will provide dinner, finely dressed waitstaff, entertainment and fun along with other special events including a photo booth, games and a special program.

This is a dress up night and RSVPs are needed so that we have enough food and seating for all!

Some people say that chivalry is dead, but most don’t even understand what chivalry is. When most people use the word today, they use it to describe someone who is nice. A chivalrous person holds doors for others, pays for dinner and a movie, and yields his or her seat. But chivalry is so much more and applies to women as well as men!

The Values of Chivalry

Christian – a unwavering belief in God and the teachings of the Bible

Defense of the Weak – coming first to the defense of the under privileged, children and the elderly

Faithfulness to Duty – doing what one is expected to do for family, Church

Defense of the Church – a willingness to defend the Church and what it should stand for 

Courage in the Face of an Enemy – standing for what is true without regard to one’s own life or safety

Honesty and Keeping One’s Word – the word of the chivalrous should be the equivalent of signing in blood

Generosity – charity and help for those who are incapable of supporting themselves

Defense of Just Causes – standing up for truth when others refuse to take a stand

Plan now to join us for a fun evening!