Student Leadership Team (SLT) officer nominations for our new term (Spring 2020 through Fall 2020) begin Friday November 1. Office positions include: President, Vice President / Secretary, Prayer Team and Outreach/Missions Team / Treasurer. Nomination forms will be available at our regular events. Specific officer responsibilities and qualifications are listed on the nomination form. The SLT is responsible for planning all of our events, themes, organization and administration of Active Christians Today UT. Also, University of Toledo regulations require officer positions for all student organizations.

To be nominated for a position, a student must receive at least two nominations for the same position (nomination and second). Nominations may be placed in the drop box in the kitchen. No self-nominations are allowed. One student cannot nominate someone for multiple positions. Nominations will close on November 8 at 7:30 pm. Scott and Karen will review all nominations and contact those who were nominated. Students may accept or decline their nomination. Once all students have accepted and/or declined their nomination, a ballot will be assembled.

Ballots will be made available for students on November 10. Students will have until November 26 to vote for the leadership team. Once voting is closed, Scott and Karen will tally votes, contact candidates and confirm the new leadership team. This leadership team will assume their new SLT officer positions beginning December 1. A meeting of our old and new leadership team will take place on December 6.

You do not have to be an officer to serve on our team! We have many students who attend our meetings and serve but have chosen not to take an officer role. We would love for you to be involved!